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Research, pictures and original text in Portuguese posted online by Moisés Gaudêncio

The Monastery of Lorvão guesthouse, in Penacova.
HQ in September 19th and 20th of 1810 before the battle of Buçaco.
Picture taken from «Arte Monástica em Lorvão» by Nelson Correia Borges (vol. 2 p.257).

Palace of the Viscondessa do Espinhal (or “dos Salazares”) in Lousã.
HQ of Generla Massena and then Duque of Wellington before and after the battle of Arouce (March 15th 1811).

Freineda (Almeida).
HQ in the Winter of 1812/1813 and where the acmpaign of 1813 was planned.
Picture taken from: http://terralusa.net/?site=1&sec=part4

Trancoso. 15th century house.
HQ of Beresford between June 25th and July 27th 1810.

The headstone says:
«In this house, the General Arthur Wellesley - Duke of Wellington - established his 1first Headquarters after the landing of the British army (1300 men) on the beaches of Lavos, between 1st and 5th of August of 1808, during the Peninsula War and the 1st French Invasion.
The Town-parish of Lavos, under the presidency of Isabel Curado Oliveira and the Townhall of Figueira de Foz, presided by Eng. António Duarte Silva , marked the bicentennial of the ephemeris

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