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Regions of Portugal

You have read before in my posts me talking about several different Portuguese regions like Minho, Alentejo, etc. To help you with a better understanding of what is spoken about here's a map of the different regions of Portugal and a link to wikipedia if you-re interested in the administrative division of this country.

Continental Portuguese Regional Map before 1832.

Todays' continental Portuguese Regional Map.

As extra info about what some of the regional names and their significance:
- Douro = (made) Of Gold,
- Trás-os-Montes = Behind the Mountains,
- Beira = Beside or at/on the side,
- Estremadura = (an expression originated from the word "extreme")
- Ribatejo = Above the Tejo (Tagus River),
- Alentejo = Beyond the Tejo,
- Algarve = (a word comming form the Arab language).

And don't forgett to add our 2 archipelagos: Azores (a type of bird of prey) and Madeira (wood)!!!


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