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Cantinière, Louis Frégier

17th century Englishman's stockings, Vogue 100 Years 

Chocolatada, chocolate party painted on tiles,  18th century, Valencia, Spain


Battle of Vimeiro, Portuguese National Library, Heath William, 1815
Battle of Roliça, Portuguese National Library, Heath William, 1815

Painting of the Battle of Bussaco, by Thomas S St Clair, 1898

Slave Hunter, by Jean Baptiste Debret, 18th Century

«Imagine that one day some idiots will make this THEIR HOBBY!»

"Scots" in Paris after victory of Waterloo.

Le Retour, the comeback of a French Grenadier, Jügel.

Haywagon with Austrian Jäger and peasants, Johann Christoph Erhard.

Defeat fo the Franch army at the invasion of Portugal, Albert Santos.

Vivandière, "Napoleon Series", book 11.

The Battle of Chiclana, Baron Louis-François Lejeune.

"Camp Scenes", W. H. Pyne.