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Sunday, October 30, 2016


Here I was, going through some old books, written 200 years ago by English travelers in Portugal, when I kept reading about Buenos Aires.  Isn't that in Argentina???????
No, it seems that in Lisbon there was a Buenos Aires  as well, late 18th to early 19th centuries.
Baillie, Kinsey, Crocker, etc, all stayed there and have written about it.
I cannot tell you the origin of the name of this place (perhaps I'll research that later), or why it is in Spanish and not Portuguese,  or how the hotel(s) in which the British travelers and officers would stay looked like, but I can give you the different examples I found and some "modern" images of the place, that has since then been "absorbed" by the city's growth and become one of the most coveted places to live. Back in the day it was right next to the old "sailor and fishermen's quarters" and seems to always have been popular amongst the English.
It is right behind the Estrela Basilica, which was built late 17 hundreds by Queen Mary the 1st.

The gardens before the basilica where built later, after the Portuguese civil war, so none of the mentioned travelers or even troops would have known such.
Here's a link to another blog of someone who cares about writing about Lisbon's old streets and which contains some of the images of that place.


  • Marianne Baillie, from Reeve's hotel, writes her 5 first letters from Buenos Aires to her mother, before she travels on to Sintra and then again letters 25 to 28 in the 1st volume of the two publications of her letters.

 Marianne Baillie; Lisbon in the years 1821, 1822, 1823; pub. 1824; vol. I; letter 3; pages 1 to 3

  • Richard Crocker, from William's English hotel, writes to his friend in 1780 (letter 23) from Buenos Aires, right before Christmas that year.

 Richard Crocker; Travels through several Provinces of Spain and Portugal; 1799; pages 265 and 269 to 271

  • A.P.D.G. (that is the only way this author is known), from Reeve's hotel, writes about  Buenos Aires in his "Sketches of Portuguese life. A book I recommend, not only because it has several funny caricatures, but also because it makes a wonderful description of Portuguese manner of the time and in not as a negative way.

 A.P.D.G.; Sketches of Portuguese Life; 1823; chapter V; pages 69 to 71

  • William Morgan Kinsey (Reverend), in his 3rd letter writes about his stay at Buenos Aires, although he doesn't mention which hotel.

 William Morgan Kinsey; Portugal Illustrated; 1829; pg 54

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