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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


  • ·         Campaigns of his grace the Duke of Wellington; 1823

  • ·         Ashé, Thomas; History of the Azores, or Western Islands; 1813

  • ·         Blanchard, Pierre; Le Voyageur de la Jeunesse dans le Quatre Parties du Monde; 6 tomes; 1812

  • ·         Breton; L'Espagne et le Portugal, ou Moeurs, Usages et Costumes des Habitants de ces Royaumes; 6 tomes; 1815

  • ·         Broughton, S. D.; Letters from Portugal, Spain& France, written during the campaigns of 1812,1813 and 1814; 1815

  • ·         Bowdich, Thomas Edward; Excursions in Madeira and Porto Santo during the Autumn of 1821; 1825

  • ·         Collins, Francis; Voyages to Portugal, Spain, Sicily, Malta, Asia Minor, Egypt,...; 1809

  • ·         Durdent, Jean René; Beautés de L'Histoire du Portugal, ou Abrégé de L'Histoire de ce Pays,depuis L'Antiquité jusqu'à nos Jours; 1821

  • ·         Eliot, William Granville; A Treatise on the Defense of Portugal ...in 1808-1809; 1811

  • ·         Graham, William; Travels Through Portugal and Spain during the Peninsula War; 1820

  • ·         Halliday, Andrew; The Present State of Portugal and of the Portuguese Army, 1812

  • ·         Keatinge, Maurice (Colonel); Travels in Europe and Africa, 1816


  • ·         Milfrod, John Junior; Peninsular Sketches during a Recent Tour, 1816

  • ·         Neale, Adam; Letters from Portugal and Spain, 1809

  • ·         Southy, Robert; Letters Written during a Short Residence in Spain and Portugal, 1797

  • ·         Warren, Sir Wm (Lieut.-Gen.); Letters from the Peninsula,1808-1812; edited by his nephew; 1909

  • ·         Wollf, Jens; Sketches and Observations on a Tour through a Part of the South of Europe, 1801

  • ·         Letters from Portugal and Spain, Written during the March of the British Troops under Sir John Moore; 1809

  • ·         Letters from Barbary, France, Spain, Portugal; by an English officer; 2 vols.; 1790

  • ·         Voyage en Portugal depuis 1797 jusqu'en 179; 2 tomes; 1803

  • ·         Journal of an Officer in the King's German Legion: Comprising an Account of his Campaigns and Adventures in England, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Sicily and Itlay; 1827


carojon said...

Thank you Sara, some excellent resources linked to, some I was familiar with but others not so. The views in the first source, by Cumberland are stunning.

Sara Seydak said...

Thank you, Jonathan.
I still have to read all of the 160 free copies I have found! A lot of work is still ahead.
I have mixed feelings though. One one side, it make me happy that there are so many personal reports of Portugal at the time; they are a priceless source of information. On the other hand, so sorry that they aren't national views; it seems that no one at the time did the same work or had the same interest in describing this country at the time.
Anyway, enjoy these copies, since I will for sure.