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Monday, April 25, 2016

Keep calm, write a book

I know I haven't been around at all these last few months, but to put it short life has gotten  in the way, and not in a very positive fashion.

So, if you notice anything strange going on with any of my blogs, please let Blogger team know IMMEDIATLY

To resume my blogging, I would like to share with you my newest project: I'm wanting to write a book (have planted many trees; don't have children; no one's perfect). I have come to the conclusion that my knowledge on commoner's clothing in Portugal has come to the point where it good enough to share with the world in paper format. Hence, a book. And of course, the more certain one is and the more research one makes, the more doubts and questions arise.

Don't you worry, I'll still be with you guys; I have still so many more posts to publish here (so many good ideas, so much more to explore); I won't leave you when times' a peril.

But like in so many other aspects of my life, I tend to strive in hardship and I do my best fighting (back) when times get rough. You just wait and see!

So, you ask, when will this wonder of mine be published? 1 week before I die. And when will I die? I don't know. Which means, it's going to be a lifetime project. No hurries, just enjoyment (although I have recently been suggested that my work should become a master's degree).

But what you can be certain of is that more posts will soon follow.

Be nice, be kind, enjoy!

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