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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saudade - the Portuguese Nostalgia


Here's an interesting article about that Portuguese word that has no translation: Saudade.
According to a British Company called "Today Translations" it is the 7th most difficult word to translate in the world.
Now, what is Saudade you ask?
It is a nostalgic feeling that translates the absence of home, friends and family and that emerges when we remember it/them. The closest word would be "to miss something or someone" and we can "kill" it. Actually, there's a Portuguese expression that says "to kill Saudades", which means to do something that can heal that hurtfull feeling.
According to this article the word was put in use during the Portuguese Maritime Discoveries, when we colonized Brazil, so 16th century. There are also other countries, like Cabo Verde, that use the same word ("Sodade"), but that is logical, we colonized those islands as well.
In Portugal, there's a type of music that translates the feeling of Saudade very well, it is Fado (comes from the latin word Fatum, meaning "Destiny"). Of course, this type of song started around the same time-period: the "Discoveries" of new lands by the Portuguese and then the migration to those new countries.
And here's a modern Fado sung by Carlos do Carmo that speaks very well of the Portuguese nostalgia:


To know about a time-period Fado, please go to the post "Period Cartoons, Expressions and Songs" - https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6736468087800388053#editor/target=post;postID=5390659523460437604;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=9;src=postname

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