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Monday, August 4, 2014

Conway Shiply ESO 2

I have written a post in the past about a British sailor who was the only one to die in 1808 during the skirmishes between the occupying French and the arriving allies - the Brits. So here are 1 or 2 more details I can add to that post and the correction of his name, which I found in a mini-article in a local magazine. But 1st, here's the link to the previous post:


So, it is true that the landmark is a monument to the heroic death of Sir Courray Shipy (name corrected!), 25 years of age, who was captain of the S.M.B. The Nymph at an attack of a French vessel on the Tagus river.
I hope it has added a bit more to what was written before.

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