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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


As I have said before, the Portuguese cuisine not only influenced the cuisine form countries it came in contact with since mid 15th century, but also was influenced by them. There are numerous different recipes that prove it and one of them is this one, one of the typical X-Mass sweets, said to exist since 1860, but I'm not sure.
Even so, I hope you enjoy it and have a Merry X-mas!!!

375g sweet potato
200g sugar
1dl water
50g of almond flour
50 g of grind coconut
1 tangerine peel
2 egg yoks

Boil the sweet potatoes, peel them and reduce them to puree.
Boil the water with the sugar, take it off the heat and add the almond flour, grind coconut and the peel of a tangerine. Take it up to heat again for a few minutes.
Take it off the heat again and add the egg yoks slowly so they don't curdle. Cook it until it thickens.
Spread the dhogh on a serving dish and leave it to cool down for a few hours.
Add flour to your hands and shape the “broas” and put them on baking paper.
Brush them with butter and roast them in the oven until they become golden, paying attention not letting them to dry out.
You'll be able to have between 35 to 40 “broas”.

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