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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Palhares, a link

It seems that this month I'll be posting some links to interesting data. This time it's about an author who's drawing I have posted in the past. Although from the romantic period, I think his pictures still show some of what was in this country 50 years back. But please keep in mind, it is not early 19th century anymore!
Here's the link to the National Library and below some of the images.


Alentejano (a man from Alentejo, the region between the river Tagus and the Algarve), colecção Palhares, 1850.

Peasants from de island of S. Miguel (Azores archipelago), colecção Palhares, 1850.

Campinos (men that handles cattle, bulls and horses, from the Ribatejo area, from near Lisbon), colecção Palhares, 1850.

Woman from Murtosa, colecção Palhares, 1850.

Woman from Portalegre, colecção Palhares, 1850. I believe she's a widow.

A fisherman from Barreiro and Seixal (on the left bank of the Tagus river), colecção Palhares, 1850.

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