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Friday, July 26, 2013

Campaign album by Captian Manuel Isidro da Paz, circa 1812

This is a link on the digitalized form of the Campaign album drwan by Capatin Isidro da Paz. It says: «capaign Album about the marching, manouvres and plnas of the battles of the Portuguese Army during the Peninsula wars», by Captain Manuel Isidro da Paz. To know who this man was, I translated partially what the beginning of the link says. Have a look at bottom of page.


«Manuel Isidro da Paz took part in the campaign of the peninsula War from1809 to 1814. He served under the generals Richard Blunt, Archibald Campbell e Thomas Bradford.

He became 2nd Lieutenant (Ensign) of the 2nd Infantry regiment, by decrete of May 26th 1809, Lieutenente for the th Infantry regiment, by decrete of March 10th of 1810 and Captain for the same regiment December 15th, 1814.»

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