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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

c. 20th vs. c.19th clothing - not a lot of difference

 I just found this interesting page on Facebook and I thought to share it with you, even though it isn't from the time-period I set up to talk about on this blog.
Not only has it wonderful photos from early 20th century, but the purpose of the person, or the people, who created this page is as wonderful: they pretend to show popular Portuguese costume as it was, and not as folklore has made it over the years.
They state that today’s folklore groups haven't had much interest in accurately portraying the common working class. And I have to agree: or they only portray richer classes (like that FB page states), or, as I have seen in many folklore groups or shops that supply for them, an exaggerated and filled with fantasy type of garments, not speaking that they are all synthetic.
So, if you're interested in knowing how exactly the most common people dressed in Portugal at the turn of that century, please have a look.
My interest is to show that there are minimal differences in the evolution of the garments. Besides a pattern or two, a cut or other (blouses, skirts and trousers), the removal of the full length shift and, not to forget, the industrialization of the making of fabrics, there's not a lot to differentiate both of the time-periods.
If you have a look at the photos, it is as if one was looking at the common Portuguese during the Napoleonic Wars.
Below, 2 pictures I took from the said page, with the owners permitt.


Fishsellers, Francesco Rocchini, 1860

"Uma hospedaria na Serra de Alpedrinha", (an Inn  in the mountain range of Alpedrinha), 1901-1910, Joshua Bendiel

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