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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Lines of Wellington - the movie

This post is a bit of an advertisement but it's necessary to refer it, not only because it's home made but also because of it's quality and multi-sided view of the movie director. I'm speaking about the most recent Portuguese movie about the French Invasions (the 3rd and last one) – The Lines of Wellington.

 Movie poster of the "Lines of Wellington" to be shown in October 2012. With John Malkovish as General Wellington and Melvil Poupaud as Marchal Masséna.

It shows, of course, the military aspect, one one hand, and one the other how the French invasions affected the general population, without saying the wonderful work they've done with the costuming.
The link I've posted is the trailer shown in the Venice Movie awards and it has English subtitles.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Sara Seydak said...

Went to see the movie. It's great! But if you think that it is a military movie about what the title suggest then no, it isn't. It's several litle stories about several people (civilians and military) fleeing from the French troops and trying to reach the place of Torres Vedras where the lines were being built. It shows the horrors of the invasions but also, inderectly, shows that the "Brits" weren't that nice either.
The only thing I didn't liked was John Malkowich as Arthur Wellesley. What a bad choice! There are plenty of well known Biritsh actors who would have done a better job and that look a lot more like Arthur (and I'm a fan of Malkowich's work).
Oh! And another thing: There were onlu about 20 soldiers under Massena's troops. It looked rifdiculous! They could have saved up monay with the whole John Malkowich situation and hired more actors to be French soldiers....