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Thursday, November 17, 2011


"Female Opinions on Military Tactics", Sept. 30 1790 caricature engraved by Isaac Cruikshank. Despite the title, this doesn't really mock feminine ignorance of military matters, but instead derives its humor from situations involving inexperienced soldiers of the militia or volunteers -- and adds in a good number of double entendres:

Text in Image:
Rustic Couple:
"I have made good the Accident of last night, -- and now John, though thee dost not look very like a Soldier, there shall not be a man in the Regiment with a better Ramrod."
Old Couple:
"I can't conceive what is the matter with my Old Gun. I can't do any thing with it."
"It's owing to the Cock, my Dear; it has been so a long time!!"
Third Couple:
"Is not that very Gentlemanly and upright."
Young Lady:
"Yes, and I hope you will always continue so. I doat upon everything upright."
Fourth Couple:
"Oh -- had you but seen me Fire last night; I astonish'd every Lady on the ground. I don't think I wink'd once during the whole evening."
"I am happy to hear you improve in any thing -- I had almost given you up, I assure you.
Fifth Couple:
"A mere Flash in the pan, as I am a Gentleman and a Soldier!"
"That's nothing uncommon my Dear -- the only way is to try again."
Sixth Couple:
"Bring me the Hammer, Wife -- I want to make an improvement in my Tailpipe."
"That I will, my Dear; I love improvements of any kind."
Seventh Couple:
Young Man:
"This, Miss, is what we call the Cock -- and this is the Swell."
Young Miss:
"Well, I never knew so much of a Musket before -- how I should like to marry a soldier!"
Eighth Couple:
"That a Military tail? I would not give a farthing for a Cart-load of them! I am told it is his Majesty's orders that every Gentleman Soldier in this Village shall at least have a tail of nine inches, to set a good example."


Le Loup said...

If I say "good post", will you still respect me in the morning?
Regards, Keith.

Sara Seydak said...

:) I laughed my pants off when I saw this! What a good humour they had those days. Didn't expected that.